The contest is over! Thank you for participating!

Members of the jury represent the four participant countries under CAP: Re:turn to the Future” campaign. Bulgarian representative includes Mr. Chapanov; Estonia is represented by Mr. Kaul Nurm, Portugal – by Rui Tomás Monteiro and Malta – by Liam Farrugia.

Evaluation will be done in three rounds. In the first round, a pre-selection from all submitted photos and videos will be made. The second round will involve assignment of points to all photos and videos that have passed the first round. As soon as the results get processed by our team, the winners in the particular categories will be announced.
The jury will decide who will be the Grand Prize Winner among the theme's winners. The third round of the evaluation will end on 2nd December.
All selected works will be presented at the closing conference on 14th December in Brussels.
The team of the “CAP: Re:turn to the Future” campaign will get in touch with all winning authors of photos and videos and congratulate them in person.
The information campaign “CAP:re:turn to the future” is pleased to announce a video/photo competition “RE:TURN TO THE FUTURE – AGRICULTURE” to celebrate this European policy’s 50th anniversary. This year’s edition of the competition will try to capture the world of agriculture in Europe through imagery that connects the past and the future. The initiative recognizes the outstanding use of video and photography to tell compelling stories of the life of agricultural producers and the impact that their achievements have on the European citizens.

Video artists and photographers – professional and amateurs - are invited to submit images that embody the spirit of the European village and the remarkable local food products of the European states and regions in a variety of formats, also including posters, multimedia and art installations.

Submitted works will be judged on creativity and production/ photographic quality.

Competition themes:

  • Quality, diversity, health – the European agricultural policy and production.
  • The future of rural society.
  • Organic farming and agritourism.

The Grand Prize Winner will be invited to visit the European Parliament in Brussels.

In addition, participants will be ranked under each of the three themes of the photo and video competitions.

Organisation and requirements of the competitions

  • Each participant has to be registered on this site and to accept the terms and conditions for participation (having ownership of the pictures/videos and being at least 18 years old);
  • Each participant in the photo competition may submit up to three individual photographs, or a photo-story (up to 12 photos, telling a story);
  • Each participant in the video competition may submit up to three video clips. Each video clip should be up to 10 minutes;
  • Photo/video have to be submitted only after you’ve accepted the terms and conditions for participation. The required format is JPEG for photos;
  • Each participant can upload photos by “SEND PHOTO” button and videos are uploaded by “SEND VIDEO” button;
  • Video clips should be uploaded to sites like,, Facebook, etc. Then you should give us link to the video by placing the link in the "Video URL" tab. All videos have to be public to be visible on the site.
Pictures, uploaded in a different web photo service, e.g. Flickr, Picasa, etc. and linked on the Facebook page of the campaign will be accepted as well.

Videos, linked on the Facebook page of the campaign will be accepted as well.

After the submission deadline, 26 November 2012, a jury will short-list about 30 photos or photo-stories and 30 videos (up to photos/ videos10 per theme).

The authors will be asked to submit the short-listed photos in a print-friendly format (A4 size).

The authors will be asked to submit (links to) the short-listed videos in a format with the highest available quality.

The short-listed photographs and (links to) the videos have to be sent by e-mail to or by mail on CD/DVD to the address:

18 "G.S. Rakovski" Str., floor 4, Sofia 1000, BULGARIA.

The Grand Prize Winner and the winners by theme will be selected by a jury from the RECEIVED short-listed works and will be presented on the web site of the project.

Deadline for submission of works: 26 November 2012.